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Our Events

Our annual online events are designed to support, encourage and teach you how to connect and collaborate with children in ways that help them develop emotional resilience and long-term skills for a successful life.

You can participate LIVE in April and October, or sign up to receive replays throughout the year. Learn more about these free annual learning events below.

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The NoSpank Challenge

The NoSpank Challenge event provides parents and caregivers with the knowledge, tools and support to stop spanking, understand their children's behavior, and begin to respond to their children in ways that nurture their relationship and build skills for a successful life.

This event is LIVE in April 2018.

Peaceful Homes & Classrooms

The Peaceful Homes & Classrooms event provides parents and educators alternatives to behavior charts, paddling, threats, yelling, removal of physical education & privileges, and other punitive attempts to try to get kids to obey, behave and be responsible. Learn how to nurture respect and responsibility.

This event is LIVE in October 2018.

Additional Conferences, Webinars & Classes

Classroom Discipline that Works: A Neurodevelopmental Approach

February 8-9, 2018
Atlanta, GA

A neurodevelopmental approach to responding to difficulties in the classroom. Join with lead educators, psychologists & researchers for leading edge discipline that leads to optimal learning and cooperation in the classroom.

The Science of Screentime on Childhood Brain Architecture

June 26, 2017
8PM EST Online

Join Amy Bryant and Judy Arnall for a FREE webinar to learn about the effect of digital technology on children's brain architecture, and best realistic practices for each age and stage. A webinar for parents & caregivers.