All parents need support.

While every parent needs some basic knowledge and skills in order to understand and meet their children's needs, many struggles stem from our own internal fears and triggers, which prevent us from responding to our children with maturity, love, compassion, and clarity. Below you will find information on two groups I offer parents. One is a skills group that combines videos, a workbook, and live group discussions (virtual) to help you gain the basic knowledge and skills you need to understand and meet the needs of your unique children. The other is a group for moms who are ready to explore their inner shadow, those hidden, and sometimes painful, parts of themselves that keep them responding to life from a place of worry and/or fear.

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Parent Skills Group

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused by your child's behavior? Do you feel like you're battling your child on something everyday? Learn how to respond to your child in ways that build a strong relationship, emotional regulation, and life skills.

This 4-session group combines video lessons and live discussions to help you...

  • identify your long term parenting goals
  • set limits and increase cooperation
  • understand how children think & feel
  • identify the temperament, sensory & developmental needs behind challenging behaviors
  • problem solve real-life challenges

In this group we'll examine all behaviors with curiosity, including what needs your child is expressing, and what skills does your child need help developing.

You will receive group support and collaboration, plus professional guidance as we uncover the meaning behind behaviors and identify solutions that align with your parenting goals.

4 Live Virtual Discussions
3 Recorded Videos
1 Workbook

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Inner Shadow Group for Moms

Is being a mom "more" than you were expecting? More emotional, more challenging, and more overwhelming? Reconnect with your inner wisdom and joy by unpacking and exploring the fears, worries and behaviors that trigger you and keep you in the cycle of reactionary parenting.

This 6-session group combines group discussion and hypnotherapy to help you...

  • identify your triggers and needs
  • uncover hidden pain
  • connect with your inner wisdom
  • learn practices that increase stress tolerance and emotional regulation
  • co-create a guided imagery to support your new learning (audio recorded)

We will delve into the your fears and worries with curiosity and openness. What will you discover? What will you unpack? What will be revealed so that it can also be healed?

While this work can be challenging, this group is also a place of safety and support as you explore your thoughts and feelings and release any associated shame and guilt.

6 Live Virtual Meetings
5 Audio Recordings

Registration Coming Soon