Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused by your kid's behavior? Do you feel like you're battling your kid on something everyday?

This group will help you...

  • identify your long term parenting goals
  • apply your long term parenting goals to set limits and collaborate
  • recognize the underlying needs that drive your children's challenging behaviors
  • learn how to respond to your child's behaviors in ways that build a strong relationships, emotional regulation, and life skills.

And because parenting involves the adults as well as the kids, you'll also learn to identify your own needs and some tools to increase your own regulation.

In this group we'll examine all behaviors with curiosity:

  • What emotional or physical need is being expressed?
  • What skills need more guidance and support?
  • What do YOU need when things are tough?

You will receive support and guidance as we uncover the meaning behind behaviors and discover developmentally appropriate solutions.


Parent Coaching Group

*Live learning, sharing, guidance, and support.
Begins January 2021
Thursdays 10:15a EST
January 14, 21, 28
February 4, 18, 21



In the future there will be additional levels of parent coaching groups available:

DIY Parent eWorkshop

A self-paced workshop of short videos and audios, worksheet downloads and skills practice.

Supported eWorkshop

The DIY Parent eWorkshop PLUS online group support + up to 2 private email exchanges.