Parent Coaching or Counseling?

Parent-focused counseling centers around healing triggers that get in the way of your long-term parenting goals. Parent Coaching provides guidance on developing your long-term parenting goals, understanding your unique child, and useing those goals as a guide to discipline your unique child.

You can join my parent coaching group, or scroll down to learn more about other parent coaches and resources.

Below you will find professional parent coaches and online resources that center on helping you developing non-oppressive parenting skills through their own unique approach and specialties. I recommend you learn about and speak with several coaches in order to find someone who fits your needs and personality.

These professionals focus on building strong relationships, social-emotional intelligence, and critical thinking skills by replacing bribes, yelling, threats, and punishments with relationship-centered tools.

Parent Coaches

Leslie Arreola-Hillenbrand
Latinx Parenting

Coaching, workshops and support circles for BIPOC and biracial parents.

Vivek Patel & Sujai Johnston
Gentle Parents Unite

Group coaching calls, podcasts, workshops and support for parents.

Sheena Hill
Parenting Works

Responsive parenting and holistic sleep coach: develop skills in emotional intelligence, effective limit setting, and therapeutic play.

Amy Phoenix
Amy Phoenix

Coaching on mindfulness, parenting, and mindful parenting.

Shonnie Lavender
Shonnie Lavender

Coaching and classes for parents tired of struggling.

Sarah MacLaughlin
Sarah MacLaughlin

Compassion-based coaching for building skills, decoding behavior, and support.

Tiffanie Noonan
EPIC Parenting

Coaching & workshops to shift from conflict, struggle, and control to empowered, peaceful, and connected.

Additional Resources

Cindy Brandt
Parenting Forward

Blog and podcast about learning to raise our children with justice, mercy, and kindness.

Parenting for Liberation

A virtual community that connects, inspires, and uplifts Black folks as they navigate and negotiate raising Black children within the social and political context of the US.

Lori Petro
TEACH Through Love

Online courses for learning conscious parenting tools.