Parenting Through Play

Do you know how to respond when you child throws things, hits others, fights over toys, or bursts into tears for no apparent reason?

Participate in an interactive playshop for parents and children ages 1-3 and learn how to promote emotional intelligence and resilience while responding to

  • Sharing (...or not)
  • Throwing toys
  • Hitting, pushing, pinching, biting
  • Tantrums & meltdowns
  • Siblings...and more!

Playshops include hands-on and verbal guidance during challenging moments, and on-going discussions as-needed.


70-minutes each
Maximum 5 kids and 4 adults
(not including infants)

Call or emailĀ


How to Have a Playshop

I offer Playshops to playgroups, neighbors, friends, and preschools within 20 miles of 30324 (additional fee for playgroups further away). If you are interested in setting up a 4-session series call or email me.

Toy list: balls, blocks, dolls, soft animals, puzzle, kitchen & food items. You can also include items that you find particularly difficult to guide. Note: too many toys can be a problem. We will consult on the play space before the Playshop sessions begin.