Being a parent can leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired and burned out. And when you have nothing left to give it's harder to respond to your children in ways that nurture their development and your relationship with them.

My goal is to support you through web-based webinars, eWorkbooks, coaching and online self-care groups. And if you're local to Atlanta, you can come work with me in person.

How to Prevent a Tantrum

Do your children fall apart after school or at bedtime? Watch this 40-minute webinar to on WHY children meltdown and learn what you can do about it.


Setting Limits & Being Heard

A 12-minute webinar to help you understand 6 elements of setting limits that help you get heard, and leave everyone feeling less frustrated and more connected.


Bedtime Challenges

A 40-minute webinar to help you transform the bedtime routine by understanding and meeting the underlying needs for connection.
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Online Parent Coaching

Learn how to resolve parenting challenges without resorting to yelling, shame, threats, or swats.

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Self-Care eWorkbook

Create a personalized self-care plan based on your needs and your unique life.


Online Self-Care Group

Join the self-care group to discover what YOU need to support yourself and thrive. (Includes eWorkbook.)


Online Coaching Group

Join the parent coaching group to learn sustainable solutions to your everyday challenges.

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Positive Discipline

A webinar series to help you identify and work toward your long-term parenting goals during everyday moments, from getting dressed to getting out the door.


Alternatives to Spanking

A discussion on why spanking is dangerous, research-based alternatives to spanking, and how to have important conversations about spanking with others.


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Wild Child Counseling

Counseling, consulting, and parenting workshops in Atlanta, GA.

Did you dream of being a parent, but now it feels like every day is a fight? Or maybe your child struggling at school or with friends and you don’t know how to help? I can help you learn how to nurture and guide your children as they build life skills and channel their unique personality into qualities that serve them.

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