Being a parent often means putting our children's physical and emotional needs before our own, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, tired and burned out. And let's face it, when we have nothing left to give it's harder to respond to our children from a place of love. I have a number of services aimed to support you and your family as a whole. Join a parent coaching or self-care group, or engage in individual coaching or counseling. While peaceful parenting skills are important, supporting your own emotional and physical needs helps you better enjoy your life and family.

Individual Parent Coaching

Private parent coaching sessions for parents who want one-on-one guidance.

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Positive Discipline

Webinars to help you develop longterm parenting goals & better understand how children think and feel.


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Self-Care Group

Join the self-care group and discover what YOU need to support yourself and thrive.


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Self-Care eWorkbook

An eWorkbook designed to help you create a personalize self-care plan that fits your unique needs and life.


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Parent Coaching Group

Join the parent coaching group to learn sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.


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Bedtime Challenges

A 40-minute webinar to help you transform bedtime from challenges to connection.
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Wild Child Counseling

Did you dream of being a parent, but now it feels like every day is a fight? Or maybe your child struggling at school or with friends and you don’t know how to help? I can help you learn how to nurture and guide your children as they build life skills and channel their unique personality into qualities that serve them.

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