Fall 2017

Fulfilled Mothering Group

Motherhood is full of joy, growth, change and struggles that often take us by surprise and leave us struggling to enjoy our everyday lives. Starting this Fall you can learn how to fill your cup back up one moment at a time. Through facilitated discussions you'll learn strategies to meet your everyday challenges with more energy and authentic engagement. Learn how to create a realistic self-care plan for your unique life, and practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques as you connect with other moms.

4 Sessions

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Workshops for Parents & Educators

Are you looking for a workshop that will help you learn what to do instead of repeating yourself over and over again until you finally YELL? A workshop to help you learn to be less challenged by your children's behaviors and more empowered to gain their cooperation?

You are your children's parent every day, so you know them better than anyone. And while I can't tell you how to parent your child, I can share with you the decades of research available to guide you in resolving the everyday parenting challenges you face.

In this neurodevelopmentally informed workshop you will learn a non-violent and respectful approach to discipline that focuses on finding solutions to challenges and supporting the parent-child relationship. This workshop is grounded in decades of research on healthy child development, effective parenting, and neuroscience. Learn what your children need for optimal cognitive, emotional, social, and sensory development, and how to provide it for them in sustainable ways.

Everyday Parenting (1)

Everyday Parenting & Discipline

In this 3-day workshop you will identify your long-term parenting goals and learn how to reach those goals through the everyday challenges you experience with your children, from waking up and getting ready to eating dinner and going to bed. You will learn how your child's behavior relates to brain development, emotional regulation, & discipline strategies. You will also learn how to set & enforce limits in ways that build connection and support your child's skill development.

September Session

Atlanta, GA 30324

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October Session

Atlanta, GA 30324

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NOTE: This workshop is designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 0-9. If you have children this age and older children, please let me know so I can include appropriate developmental information for their age group. If you only have older children I encourage you to contact me regarding a future workshop. Lap children welcome.

Winter 2018

Discipline that Works: Using Brain Research to Understand What Kids Need & How to Address Classroom Challenges

This 2-day conference for educators, school administrators, school counselors, and school board members synthesizes cutting edge research on neuroscience, child development and learning to help you understand your student's behavior and implement discipline strategies to meet your long-term educational goals.

  • Keynote & Breakout Session Presenters
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classroom discipline (2)


February 8 & 9, 2018