Group classes are an affordable alternative to individual sessions. If you're struggling with your role as a mother, suffering with a sleep-related challenge or chronic pain, or otherwise looking to experience less anxiety or depression, these groups offer the individualized healing of therapy combined with the group benefits of shared experiences and support.

Heal Your Mama Heart

July 20 @ 10:30a-12p

A  healing combination of acupuncture, clinical hypnotherapy and group support to help you release triggers, attend to the hurt places, and heal your mama heart.

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Sleep & Well-Being

August 26 @ 7:30-8:30p

Group hypnotherapy is a holistic and effective cognitive-behavioral tool for easing sleeplessness. Join me to experience deep relaxation as your body and mind learn new ways to fall asleep.

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Resonate with Relief

Coming Soon!

Immerse yourself in a healing combination of acupuncture, sound therapy and hypnotherapy to ease chronic pain. Spend 90-minutes with us for 3 consecutive days of healing to galvanize your journey toward ease and wellness.

Online Parent Coaching

August 2019

Feeling overwhelmed, confused and lacking adequate support? Join the Lunch-Time online parent coaching group to share your struggles and get the support and guidance you need to parent with connection and confidence.

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Spring 2020

Sleep Workshop & Tune-Up

Healthy sleep patterns allow your body to heal and restore itself, ensure your immune system can function optimally, and they have a positive impact on memory, reaction times, creativity, and overall mood.

In the Sleep Workshop you will learn optimal sleep habits, create an individualized sleep ritual that fits your unique lifestyle, and engage in clinical hypnotherapy to help restore your body's natural healthy sleep patterns.

In the Sleep Tune-Up group we will use your experience with the previous hypnotherapy recording to supplement a second recording that further supports your body's natural healthy sleep patterns.

Clinical hypnotherapy helps reduce stress. promotes relaxation and overall well-being, and can help restore your body to it's natural healthy sleep patterns.


Empowering Sensitive Kids

Are you raising a highly sensitive child (take the test)? If so, you know their sensitivity can be overwhelming: the lights are too bright, the noise too loud, and things are moving too quickly!

This class will help you identify your child's sensitivities and empower them to use these sensitive traits as a superpower through play and conscious intention, and increase your own confidence and superpowers too! We'll play games and participate in hypnotherapy to help support your learning!

In this class you will learn

  • to recognize your child's "state" (calm, chaotic, etc.)
  • playful ways to shift into a more balanced energy state
  • to teach your child how to intentionally shift their sensitivity into a superpower