Group sessions combine individualized support with the benefit of shared experiences, and offer you an affordable alternative to individual sessions. I also offer on demand workshops for parents.

Clinical Consultations

Tuesdays 10-11:30a

  • Clinicians looking to increase their skills and knowledge in working with families struggling with explosive behaviors.
  • Clinical hypnotherapists looking for support as they increase their skills and confidence.


A Group for Moms

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, identify what you need, and begin to get your own needs met through group support, breathwork, supportive processing, journaling, tapping and guided imagery.


Future Workshops

Stress Tolerance 
for Parents

Mindfulness practices & guided meditation to help you increase your ability to deal with the stress in your life.

Coffee Talk!
for Moms

Sometimes we just need to TALK...complain, laugh, vent, etc., because motherhood is hard. And great! And hard.

Heal Your
Mama Heart

Acupuncture, guided imagery and group discussion to help you understand triggers and heal your mama heart.

The Nerve!

Anxiety Workshop

Learn how anxiety takes over, and tools to help you put yourself back in  control.


Learn how your daily habits contribute to poor sleep,
and what to do instead.

Increase Your
Stress Tolerance 

Mindfulness practices to help you increase your ability to deal with the stress in your life.


Empowering Sensitive Kids

Are you raising a highly sensitive child (take the test)? If so, you know their sensitivity can be overwhelming: the lights are too bright, the noise too loud, and things are moving too quickly!

This class will help you identify your child's sensitivities and empower them to use these sensitive traits as a superpower through play and conscious intention, and increase your own confidence and superpowers too! We'll play games and participate in hypnotherapy to help support your learning!

In this class you will learn

  • to recognize your child's "state" (calm, chaotic, etc.)
  • playful ways to shift into a more balanced energy state
  • to teach your child how to intentionally shift their sensitivity into a superpower