I provide group consultations for professionals using clinical hypnotherapy and/or working with children and families. I also provide group therapy and support for individuals struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, and motherhood. If you don't have time for a group, you can acess my on-demand workshops for professionals and parents and caregivers. The 3-CEU professionals workshop is appropriate for parents, educators, and other adults who work or live with children.

Professional Consultations

Monthly Meetings on Mondays 11a-12p
$65/group or $350/hour private sessions

Clinical Hypnotherapy Group

Meets on the 2nd Monday of the month.

This group is for clinicians who want to build their skills and confidence when using clinical hypnotherapy in their practice. It is appropriate for treatment of any age and a wide array of challenges, including trauma, chronic pain, insomnia, emotional regulation, and more.

I completed my training with Dr. Becky Beaton-York of The Knowledge Tree in 2018, and attended monthly consultations with her for over 3 years while building my own skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence.

I continue to learn from every member in my consultation groups, and with every client.

Challenging Behaviors Group

Meets on the 4th Monday of the month.

For clinicians who work with children and their families. Our focus is on understanding the purpose of challenging behavior through a neurodevelopmental lens, and identifying the supports and skills needed in order to reduce stress behaviors. It is appropriate for clinicians working with diagnosis such as autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, ODD, and more.

Learn more about my approach to training in this 3 CEU video HERE! ($82)

Note: this group does not support the use of compliance based methods, such as ABA, that attempt to eliminate unwanted behavior through the use rewards and punishments. For more information, you can learn from autistic voices, such as Neuroclastic HERE.

I approach all challenges through a trauma informed and neurodevelopmental lens, based on the works of clinicians Drs. Mona Delahooke, Bruce Perry, Tina Bryson, Dan Siegel, Stephen Porges, Bessel van Der Kolk, and more.

Parent & Caregiver Consultations

Weekly to Monthly Virtual Meetings
$65/group or $350/hour private sessions

With Yourself

A Support Group for Moms

 In this group we will focus on reconnecting with your inner wisdom through community support and gently guided practices that focus on increasing your sense of ease.

2nd Tuesdays 12-1p
September - November 2022

Understanding &
Supporting Kids

A Group for Parents & Caregivers

In this group you'll learn to identify your child's strengths and triggers, and the supports they need in order to decrease their stress behaviors and increase engagement.

4th Tuesdays 12-1p
September - November 2022

Future Workshops

Recognizing & Responding to Suicidal Ideation
in Teens & Preteens

In this "pay what you can" workshop you will learn how to respond to suicidal ideation, talk about suicide with your teen, assess and respond to suicide risk, and identify community resources.


Learn how your daily habits contribute to difficulty falling and staying asleep, what to do to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer..

The Nerve!

Anxiety Workshop

Learn why anxiety seems to take over your brain and body, and tools to help you put yourself back in  control.


Empowering Sensitive Kids

Are you raising a highly sensitive child (take the test)? If so, you know their sensitivity can be overwhelming: the lights are too bright, the noise too loud, and things are moving too quickly!

This class will help you identify your child's sensitivities and empower them to use these sensitive traits as a superpower through play and conscious intention, and increase your own confidence and superpowers too! We'll play games and participate in hypnotherapy to help support your learning!

In this class you will learn how to

  • recognize your child's "state" (calm, chaotic, etc.)
  • engage in playful ways to shift into a more balanced energy state
  • teach your child how to intentionally shift their sensitivity into a superpower