Healing Your Mama Heart

Mondays 7-8:30p
February 11 & 25, 2019

*Sliding scale option available.
Register for one or both sessions.

As moms we spend a lot of time meeting our children's needs, sometimes at the expense of our own needs, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and responding to our kids in ways that are not aligned with our values. I'm excited to collaborate with acupuncturist Laura Greiner,LAc, MAc in two healing sessions designed especially for moms!

  • recognize and shift your inner dialogue
  • increase your resilience
  • release triggers that keep you responding harshly to yourself and your children

This is an opportunity to move out of a place of judgment towards yourself and your kids, and into a place of knowing that you are enough and your kids are too.

As a group we will identify and shift our inner dialogue around a parenting trigger, explore our body's response to the trigger, and engage in an individualized group hypnotherapy to establish a new ways of responding to ourselves and our children when we're stressed. Laura will apply acupuncture during our initial discussion, then remove them during the discussion that follows the guided hypnotherapy.

While we recommend attending both sessions to optimize your results, it is not required.

Maximum 10 people per group.
Located in Decatur, GA near the DeKalb Farmer's Market


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Sleep & Well-Being

Monday 7-8:30p
March 11, 2019

*Sliding scale option available.

Sleep is essential for our brains and bodies, yet many people suffer with insomnia and other sleep-related stressors. This healing group session uses clinical Hypnotherapy to help you release pre-sleep anxiety so you can fall asleep and return to sleep more quickly, increase the amount of time you spend in deep sleep, and wake up feeling restored.

As a group we will identify our individual sleep challenges and new ways we want to experience sleep, then engage in an individualized group hypnotherapy session to establish new sleep experiences.

NOTE: TBD - Participants may be able to add acupuncture with Laura Greiner,LAc, MAc for $35 to enhance this healing session.

Maximum 10 people per group.
Located in Decatur, GA near the DeKalb Farmer's Market



Boost Your Kid's
Highly Sensitive SuperPower


More information coming!

Are you raising a highly sensitive child (take the test)? If so, you know that their sensitivity can be overwhelming: the lights are too bright, there is too much noise, and things are moving too quickly! This class is all about understanding how to shift these sensitive traits into a superpower through play and conscious intention. And if you're an HSP yourself, this will help you too!

In this class you will learn

  • to recognize your child's "state" (calm, chaotic, etc.)
  • playful ways to shift into a more balanced energy state
  • to teach your child how to intentionally shift their sensitivity into a superpower

Maximum 12 people per group.
Located in Decatur, GA near the DeKalb Farmer's Market

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