Annual Peaceful Homes (& Classrooms) Event



Our 4th Annual FREE event begins in April 2017!

Our 4th annual online Peaceful Homes & Classrooms event is designed to support, encourage, and teach participants how to connect and collaborate with children in ways that help children develop long-term skills for a successful life while also supporting the adult-child relationship. This year we’re excited to add a few learning sessions specifically for educators! During this event you will learn reliable alternatives to yelling, threatening, shaming, spanking and other punitive attempts to try and get children to obey, behave and be responsible.


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Calendar of Events

Week 1, April 10-14, 2017


  • April 10 (Mon) – Event Launch – Look in your email inbox!
  • April 11 (Tues) – TBD
  • April 12 (Wed) – Amy Bryant speaks with Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting about Responding to Hitting and Sibling Arguments with Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • April 13 (Thurs) – Suzanne Tucker of Generation Mindful: Parenting from Your Center When You’re Pissed Off
  • April 14 (Fri) – Live Q&A for Parents with Amy Bryant, Marji Zintz & Kate Orson
    (submit your questions via email or in the Facebook group)


  • Hurt People Hurt People: Beginning the Healing Process So You Can Be Successful by Marji Zintz, Peaceful Parent Whisperer
  • Turning on a Dime: What to Do When Things Are Already Heated Up by Marji Zintz, Peaceful Parent Whisperer
  • What to Do Instead of Punishment by Kate Orson, Hand In Hand Parenting
  • How to Get Kids to Listen Without Yelling by Suzanne Tucker, GenMindful
  • When Your Child Won’t Stop Crying! by Suzanne Tucker, GenMindful

Week 2, April 16-21, 2017


  • April 17 (Mon) – TBD
  • April 18 (Tues) – TBD
  • April 19 (Wed) – Amy Bryant speaks with Robbyn Peters Bennett
  • April  20 (Thurs): Suzanne Tucker of Generation Mindful: 5 Ways We Unknowingly Take Away Our Children’s Power…and How Not To!
  • April 21 (Fri): Live Q&A for Parents with Amy Bryant, Bonnie Harris & other special guests


  • Identifying Triggers: Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Marji Zintz, Peaceful Parent Whisperer
  • Good? Bad? Who Knows? by by Suzanne Tucker, GenMindful

Week 3, April 24-28, 2017


  • April 24 (Mon) – Amy Bryant speaks with Lori Petro of Teach Through Love
  • April 25 (Tues) – TBD
  • April 26 (Wed) – Amy Bryant speaks with Sheena Hill of Parenting Works
  • April 27 (Thurs) – TBD
  • April 28 (Fri) – Live Q&A for Parents with Amy Bryant, Marji Zintz & Kate Orson
    (submit your questions via email to the Facebook group)


  • Be What You Want Your Children to Become by Marji Zintz, Peaceful Parent Whisperer
  • Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence by Suzanne Tucker, GenMindful


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The Challenge is a yearly event culminating on April 30, International SpankOut Day, which began in 1998 to bring worldwide attention to the need to provide parents and caregivers with alternatives to the physical punishment of children. Educational events and programs are held globally as child advocates work toward having a future free of physical punishment for children worldwide. This learning event was created to support and encourage parents like you wherever you are on your parenting journey – whether you’re looking to go further on your peaceful parenting journey or you are just learning there are ways to set boundaries without spanking, yelling, shaming, or using other punitive techniques.




Our 2016 Event

Our 2016 event included learning sessions on why children behave the way they do, and how you can help them on their journey toward adulthood, including an overview of cognitive, social and emotional development in children, the role of connection in nurturing cooperation, how to respond to challenges in ways that teach children life skills, and how to manage our own emotional and physical reactions

A special thanks to all the advocates for children, parents and families – therapists, educators, coaches, doctors, bloggers, and more – who volunteer their time and resources to support and contribute to this event so families can begin to experience more joy in their everyday lives together.

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Click HERE for links to last year’s learning sessions.