Workshops on building relationships with teens, recognizing and responding to suicidal ideation, setting limits, transforming bedtime challenges, and a guided imagery to ease chronic pain.

WTF Happened?!
Talk to Teens without Triggering Them

A conversation on the 3 things teens need, real-life language that minimizes conflict, and how to support teens as they seek more autonomy. (1hr)

Responding to Suicidal Ideation in Teens & Tweens

Learn how to talk about suicide with your teen, assess and respond to suicide risk, and get the support you and your adolescent need. (1hr)

Setting Limits that Improve Cooperation (ages 0-6)

Examine 6 key aspects of limit setting that decrease frustration and increase cooperation and connection for everyone. (12 minutes)

Transforming Bedtime Challenges (ages 0-6)

Learn why children resist bedtime and what you can do to help shift their relationship to sleep so they can engage in bedtime rituals that help them relax into sleep.

Tips for Parents and Caregivers (PDF)

Respond to challenges, set yourself up for success, and explore your triggers. Put it on your fridge, in your pocket, or send it to grandparents and other caregivers.

Easing Chronic Pain with Guided Imagery

Pain says something needs attention, and it's worse when we're feeling emotionally charged. Guided imagery helps lower emotional and physical discomfort.