Wild Child Counseling: For Parents & Kids

Do you have a "wild child" at home?
Does your child respond differently to discipline than other kids? Does your child struggle with emotional outbursts? Is your child emotionally sensitive to feedback and other environmental input?

Are you feeling like a "wild child" yourself?
Are you struggling with your role as a parent? Are you experiencing unexplained sadness, restlessness and discontent? Is it hard to connect with and enjoy your children?

I work with children, adolescents, parents, and families based on the social, emotional, sensory, and developmental needs of each individual. I believe children and parents are always doing their best, and that emotional and behavioral challenges occur when expectations exceed their emotional resources or skills.

My work supports the individual and the parent-child relationship as a whole. Together we will identify the underlying cause of your challenges and work to improve your family’s interpersonal well being and communication at home, at school, and in the community.


  • Bullying, Tantrums, Aggression, Anxiety and Depression
  • School Refusal & Stress, Attentional Problems, Social Interactions
  • Neurodivergence
  • Peaceful parenting practices
  • Family collaboration
  • Self-Care for Moms
  • Postpartum Depression
  • LGBTQ Affirming & Inclusive
  • Online TeleMental Health, School, & Home Visits available.

Individual Counseling

I work with children and adults who are struggling with anger, depression, anxiety, grief, and overwhelm.


Can't get your toddler to listen? Check out these 4 free videos and call to learn how I can help you with your young children.

Family Counseling

Learn how to collaborate with your children and solve problems in ways that benefit everyone in the family.

School Age

Empower your school age kids with tools navigate their life at home, in the classroom and the world successfully.

Self-Care for Moms

Tired and overwhelmed with motherhood? Learn what you need to thrive through individual or group work.


Learn how to create change in your life and how to be heard and understood by your friends, teachers, and family members.

Office Hours

Office Hours Sundays 9a-5p, Thursdays 9a-12p
Office Location Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone  404.954.2334
Email amy@parentingbeyondpunishment.com
Fees $125 + (call for details and sliding scale options)
Services Individual counseling, groups, workshops, home visits, school visits, and online telehealth services.

What to Expect

I view every behavior as a means of communication, whether it's your own or your child's. I do not pathologize behavior, and the goal is never compliance. Instead I work with you and your family right where you are right now.

These are the guidelines I follow:

  • I embrace your child's current development and skills. Behavior is a valid means of communication, and we will work to understand the need being communicated without pathologizing the behavior.
  • Our relationship is one of equals. I will seek your permission and permission from your child in every interaction and activity.
  • All forms of communication are accepted. We are not limited to verbal communication. We can also use art, play, song, dance, and other alternative forms of communication, including all forms of AAC and Facilitated Communication.
  • Body autonomy will always be respected. Stop means stop and no means no. Always.
  • Eye contact is neither required nor requested. 
  • I do not use or encourage the use of rewards or punishments. No stickers, toys, food, swats, time outs, grounding, threats, etc.
  • Children and parents have complete freedom of movement. While sitting is an option, we also embrace movement, fidgeting, and laying on the ground.
  • I believe in a client-led approach and respect each individual's development and skills - children and adults alike.
  • You and your child can end the session at any time.
  • Parents are welcome in every therapy session. A child can invite a parent to join the session, or ask the parent to wait in the waiting area.
  • I will follow your child’s lead in the therapy process. Children know what they need, and I will help and support them while following their lead in the therapy sessions.

These guidelines are inspired by Respectfully Connected author Court Alice Thatcher. You can read her post about the importance of respectful therapies for neurodivergent children here.