Parenting Challenging Kids

Learning Cohorts & Support Groups

Enroll this Summer 2023!

I LOVE groups because they provide both  support and community with others who share similar struggles.

Are you struggling to understand what your child needs in order to regulate their emotions and behaviors, stop hitting or yelling, attend school, or be more interested in life?

Do you want to help your child live in a world that seems to ask too much from them?

Additional Services

Stand Up Paddleboard Therapy 
summer 1-day groups for 16+

Mom Support Groups starts Aug 2023

On-Demand Workshops for Parents Reducing Suicidal ideation, Talking to teens, Bedtime struggles, and more. 

Treating Kids with Challenging Behavior
a 3-CEU workshop for clinicians, parents, educators, and parent coaches.

You've probably tried all the things: the charts, the rewards, the threats and've tried being more consistent, holding firmer boundaries, and even just giving in (let's face it, sometimes the only thing we can do to survive in a moment is to "give in"). I'm going to help you shift your perspective on these challenges, and learn how and why to do things altogether differently.

While ALL children's brains and bodies are still growing, some youth need more help from us in order to build regulation skills. They need us to help them FEEL safe, because when kids do not feel safe, they lash out, punch, kick, run away and do all kinds of things that make us worry. Hint: just because everything looks safe to us does not mean their nervous system experiences it as safe.

There is no chart, reward, or punishment that will change their ability to do better. Instead, what they need is our regulated adult brain to co-regulate with over and over again. And even if regulation is something you struggle with, it is something you can increase right alongside your kid.

Fall Learning Cohort

The learning cohorts are designed to provide both learning and support. Participants will watch a short video (less than 10 minutes) before each meeting. Then we'll discuss how the video applies to your individual family's needs. Once you've completed a 6-week cohort, you can continue to receive parent coaching support as needed.

  • 6 Weekly 1-hour zoom meetings
  • Short learning videos
  • Small group discussion (6 families)
  • Requirements to join
    • 60-minute Intake Session ($175)
    • 6 Sessions ($75/session)
    • Commitment to watch 6 short videos (less than 10 minutes each)
  • Additional individual support is available for cohort members ($175/session).

Fall 6-Week Cohort
These are the dates and times I'm considering. Actual dates and times depend on interest. Please email me to join the waitlist for the days/times that work for you.

  1. Wed 10:30a, Aug 16-Sept 20
  2. Thurs 12p, Aug 17-Sept 21
  3. Wed 12p, Oct 4-Nov 8
  4. Thurs 10:30a, Oct 5-Nov 9

Interested in joining the waitlist? Email me at

Parent Coaching Groups

The parent coaching groups are designed to provide flexible, ongoing support to families who have completed a learning cohort or already worked with me privately.

  • 1-hour zoom meetings
  • Small group (6 families)
  • Group discussion & support
  • Requirements to join
    • complete cohort
    • 4-session commitment ($75/session)
  • Additional individual support available for group members ($175/session).

This is an open group, so you can enroll for any session that has availability.

Current sessions are full: March 6 & 20, April 3 & 17, May 1, 15, & 29. 

New enrollment begins this summer!

Fall Group Coaching Dates
These are the dates and times I'm considering. Actual dates/times depend on interest. Please email me to join the waitlist for the time that best works for you.

1st/3rd Mondays @ 10:30a/12p
(time depends on interest)
Aug 21, Sept 18, 
Oct 2, 16 & 30
Nov 6 & 20, Dec 4 & 18

Interested in joining the waitlist? Email me at