Parenting Challenging Kids

Learning Cohorts & Support Groups

I LOVE groups because parents learn and receive support with other families with similar challenges.

  • Do you butt heads with your child or preteen?
  • Do they resist conversations?
  • Do they struggle with big emotions or behaviors, attending school, or life in general? 

There is a way forward!  In the learning cohort we will explore ways to build regulation skills and family communication so that you can better enjoy your lives together and help them succeed in our demanding world.

You've probably tried all the things: the charts, the rewards, the threats and punishments... you've tried being more consistent, holding firmer boundaries, and even giving in (sometimes we just have to survive). I'm going to help you see these challenges in a new way so that you can learn how and why to do things differently.

While ALL children's brains and bodies are still growing, some youth need more from us in order to build regulation and life skills. And in order for us to help them, we have to build a relationship with them where they know we are here to help them.

There is no chart, reward, or punishment that will change their ability to do better.

Join me and learn what you can do instead.

2024 Learning Cohort

Wednesdays @ 12p EST, Jan 24 - March 6
(no meeting on 2/14/2024)

Learn how to address challenging behaviors and build a strong, collaborative relationship.

Each week includes a learning session followed by real-life application and discussion.

  • 50-minute Intake Session ($175)
  • 6 x 1-hour zoom meetings ($75/each)
  • Small group (up to 4 families)
  • Optional individual sessions available for cohort members ($175/session)

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a guide for responding to daily challenges based on your values + goals
  2. Learn how to hold boundaries in ways that keep communication open
  3. Build self-regulation and communication skills
  4. Improve your parent-child relationship
  5. Understand & respond to challenging behaviors in ways that build life skills and keep the relationship intact

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Parent Coaching Groups

The parent coaching groups are designed to provide flexible, ongoing support to families who have completed a learning cohort or already worked with me privately.

  • 1-hour zoom meetings
  • Small group (up to 4 families)
  • Group discussion & support
  • Requirements to join
    • complete cohort/private work
    • 2-session commitment ($80/session)
  • Additional individual support available for group members ($175/session)

This is an open group. Enroll for sessions convenient to your schedule.

Fall Group Coaching Dates
Dates are subject to change based on interest. 

Wednesdays @ 12p EST for 2023
Nov 1, 15 Dec 6, 13

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