Online Learning & Support

Below you will find learning and support services to use according to your schedule and needs. Parents will find webinars to help them gain cooperation from their children, transform bedtime challenges and build practical self-care strategies into their everyday lives. People who struggle with chronic pain, insomnia, or overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, or guilt will find hypnotherapy downloads to help them ease their pain, insomnia, or overwhelming feelings.

Some of these services are "coming soon!"


Amy C. Bryant

Transform Bedtime

Learn strategies to better understand your bedtime challenges and create a more calm and connected bedtime for you and your child.

55-minute webinar includes slides to support your learning.

Setting Limits,
Being Heard

Learn 6 factors to set limits and gain cooperation in ways that leave everyone feeling less frustrated and more connected.

12-minute webinar includes PDF worksheet.

Practical Self-Care for Parents

An eWorkbook for busy parents with practical mindfulness readings and written exercises designed to help you create a personalized self-care plan and bring more enjoyment into your everyday life.

Looking for more personal services?

My local services include individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy,
and groups!