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The  Give the Gift of Gentle Parenting and Give the Gift of Life fundraiser is in its final week and we are bringing it one step closer to their goal via a collaborative “raffle giveaway” with over $1,000 of peaceful parenting services and products. I love a good collaborative project, and this one includes 21 peaceful parenting services and eProducts from some of my favorite peaceful parenting advocates – I know you’re going to love it! Just like other raffles you, you pay a small fee for a chance win a FANTASTIC service/product for a worthwhile cause (you can also purchase many of the products directly if you don’t want to wait to win). You can choose to enter a few raffles that interest you or save money and enter them all!

Here’s what you can win for $3:

  • 30-Minute Gratitude Session with Amy Bryant of PBP and PAHM ($50 value)
    During your 30-minute gratitude session we will discuss the benefits of gratitude, your specific challenges, and how to help you launch your focus from the negative to the positive. Limited to resident of USA & Canada.
  • Email Coaching with Amy Phoenix, Presence Parenting ($50 value)
    We meet here and now, wherever you are on your parenting path. No shame, no blame – just presence and simple, practical parenting solutions you can actually use in your everyday life. Deepen your ability to choose your response when parenting feels intense and transform any challenge into an opportunity for clarity, growth, and connection in your family.
    See more at: http://presenceparenting.com/sessions/ 
  • Stop the Madness! Introductory Anger Reduction Course by Neca Smith, AidevO People Consulting ($49 value)
    Learn how to reduce anger & frustration so you can focus on what matters – family, career, health and fun! The course consists of four videos to help you identify toxic and negative responses to anger triggers, and introduce you to new techniques and ideas to handle them. See more at: http://necasmith.com/work-with-neca/classescoursesworkshops/stop-the-madness-introductory-anger-reduction-course/
  • Setting Limits & Building Cooperation online workshop by Hand in Hand Parenting ($39 value)
    Are power struggles with your child leaving you annoyed or exhausted? Are you wondering why your child just can’t seem to listen? Are your own frustrations spilling over at home?Whether you’re simply seeking fresh ideas, or you and your child are locked in a mystifying struggle, our self-paced tutorial provides the insights and strategies you’re seeking.
    See more HERE!
  • Taming Sibling Rivalry online workshop by Hand In Hand Parenting ($39 value)
    This online workshop will help you build the skills and understanding you need to truly mend your children’s relationships with one another, and with you. Learn more HERE!
  • Sane Parenting Challenge with Amy Phoenix, Presence Parenting ($29 value)
    This is a 6-week written and audio journey to change the way you respond when parenting feels intense. Each weekly exercise offers a practical microskill to help you transform reactivity and choose how the message of your love comes through. (Don’t want to wait to win? Buy it today: http://presenceparenting.com/sane-parenting-challenge/)
  • Special Needs Parenting Teleseminar by Kathy Gordon and Kristen Volk of Hand in Hand Parenting ($27 value)
    Learn more about Kathy Gordon here: http://www.handinhandparenting.org/instructor/kathy-gordon/
    Learn more about Kristen Volk here: http://www.handinhandparenting.org/instructor/kristen-volk/
  • Mindful Words by Lori Petro of TEACH Through Love ($30 value)
    Mindful Words – 38 printable cards with conscious communication examples to help you shift your language and effectively set limits with your kids. These cards will help you re-frame your disconnecting demands into conscious connections.
    See more at: http://www.teach-through-love.com/conscious-communication-on-demand.html#sthash.fP0xC343.dpuf
  • A Sparkle Story Martin & Sylvia Package by Sparkle Stories.com ($63 value)
    3 months to any 3 of the Martin & Sylvia Subscription Series, plus any 3 of the M&S Audio books.  Sparkle Stories produces original audio stories for children. Each week Sparkle Stories delivers audio stories to families around the world. These stories are simple, delightful and filled with a sense of wonder. They inspire children to play, to marvel, to laugh, and to be kind. See more at: www.sparklestories.com
  • See all the raffles available for this giveaway and SAVE on entries here: https://parentingbeyondpunishment.com/raffle-fundraiser-for-l-r-knost/

How to Enter:

Step 1: Purchase your raffle tickets by donating your entry fee to the “Give the Gift” campaign or use paypal.
For example, if you want to enter them all, donate $15, or if you want to enter just a few, add up your entry fees and donate that amount. Each raffle is only $3/each or $15 to enter all 8Click HERE to purchase your raffle tickets via the “Give the Gift” campaign or use paypal:

Step 2: Enter the raffles below by signing in and completing as many entries as you wish. NOTE: Each raffle has multiple opportunities for more to increase your chances of winning via Facebook & Twitter!

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Thank you for giving the gift of gentle parenting!




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