3 Steps to Cultivate Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion that washes over you. As an experience it has many physical, mental and relational benefits. *You don’t need to fake it to cultivate the beneficial experience of gratitude! This means you don't need journals or to focus on the positive or to look at the bright side. Instead, you can simply cultivate the experience more.

  1. Think of a time you experienced gratitude. Maybe a friend helped you, your pet comforted you, or you received a kind text.
  2. Notice how you experienced gratitude. You might feel a lightness or tingly sensation in your body, or a general sense of safety or contentment. Maybe you felt loved, seen, or heard.
  3. Hold that experience in your mind & body. Recreating the physical or emotional experience of gratitude can cultivate physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Cultivating gratitude is a whole-person experience: body and mind. Recreating a time you experienced authentic gratitude allows you to reap the benefits & experience it more easily.

Want to learn more about what to do when you DON'T feel grateful? That post is coming up next!

What does gratitude feel like to you?

  • What moment flooded you with gratitude?
  • Did you notice a sensation in your body?
  • What thoughts popped up in your mind?

I'd love to hear in the comments!

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