Healthy sleep patterns allow your body to heal and restore itself, ensure your immune system can function optimally, and have a positive impact on memory, reaction times, creativity, and overall mood. Resolving insomnia is more complicated than we're led to believe. This class is designed to help you identify simple ways to improve your sleep through an understanding of the science of sleep. We'll take a deep dive into your personal sleep needs and help you create a personalized sleep plan so you can meet your sleep needs. (This workshop does not offer medical advice.)

Interrupting Insomnia

In the Interrupting Insomnia class we will

  • debunk sleep myths
  • evaluate your sleep hygiene
  • learn the science of sleep
  • assess obstacles to sleep
  • create a personalized plan

Coming Soon

The New Science of Sleep (article)
Hypnosis and Insomnia (article)

NOTE: This workshop cannot address insomnia related to thyroid dysfunction or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (take this quick online assessment to determine if you are at risk for OSA). Contact your endocrinologist or other healthcare provider to determine next steps.