Are you feeling more anger, fear, overwhelm, shame and guilt
than capable, happy, accepting, and connected?
You are not alone!

You spend a lot of time meeting your children's needs. And these sticky places and parenting "triggers" show you where your heart needs healing and attention. This session can help you

  • recognize & change your inner dialogue
  • maintain your integrity during times of distress and conflict
  • release triggers that keep you reacting to your kids and yourself in harsh ways
  • improve your ability to heal

Come join psychotherapist Amy C. Bryant and acupuncturist Laura Greiner, MAc, LAc, in a collaborative session where you will have the opportunity to speak from your mama heart, receive acupuncture, and participate in group hypnotherapy to help release your triggers, attend to the hurt places, and mend parts of your mama heart.

This is an opportunity to move out of a place of judgment towards yourself and your kids, and into a place of alignment and trust that you are enough and you are worthy.

Group Information
2nd Monday of the month @ 7-8:30p
Located at the Seed to Star Collective in Decatur, GA

*$15 sliding scale via code $65HMH

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Summer 2019
Saturday, July 20

Plus time for
lunch with a friend!

Fall 2019
2nd Mondays

*$15 sliding scale code $65HMH