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Is being a mom more than you expected?
More exhaustion and overwhelm?
More yelling and tears?

Are you wondering why you keep reacting to life and your kids from a place of worry, fear, anger and more?

This group is for any mom who is looking for something more than "self-care" because caring for ourselves often feels like one more chore and one more way to "fail."

While we can't always fix the state of our lives, we can experience the healing power of community support and reconnection to our inner wisdom and strengths. ..the opportunity to connect with what you need in this moment.

Mom Support Group 2023

Join me for community supported care and spend an hour honoring your needs. Together we will engage practices designed to calm your mind and body and restore your strengths and inner wisdom.

  • 1-hour Offerings ($45/each)
  • Small Group (up to 8 people)
  • Gently guided polyvagal practices
  • Guided meditation

Email me for more information

This group may be a good fit for you whether you are discovering how to reparent yourself, engage your inner strength and personal authority, and even if you're ready to "throw in the towel" and move to a life of solitude at a monestary. Um...yes, there will likely also be laughter.