Permissive Parenting

It suddenly occurred to me that one of the BIGGEST triggers for parents is the idea that their kids are going to “get away with” something, or “get the upper hand” or “pull one over on” them. They’re incredibly triggered by the idea of being tricked, manipulated, and controlled – and it’s no wonder, since the vast majority of us were tricked, manipulated and controlled throughout our childhoods and adolescence. What if we suddenly understood that our kids have no desire to trick us, manipulate us or control us? What if what our kids really want is to connect with us and to have some control over their OWN lives? What if it suddenly became clear that developmentally speaking, children cannot manipulate in the ways we often think of as manipulation? Wouldn’t parenting change dramatically if we viewed our children this way? And in turn, wouldn’t children would be treated with more respect by adults everywhere?

I truly believe this fearful view of children’s motives is where the argument against permissive parenting stems from. Everyone is worried about being a permissive parent. But research shows that even permissive parenting has better outcomes than punitive parenting. It is DISENGAGED parenting and ABUSIVE parenting that has incredibly poor outcomes. Let’s stop blaming things based on our fears and instead move toward a new paradigm. Let’s rebel against control-based parenting.

I’m not advocating for permissive parenting. I’m advocating for engaged, emotionally regulated, relationship-centered parenting. I’m advocating for a new view of our children and children everywhere.


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