“Teaching children to be respectful is important.”

 “I think a certain amount of respect is nice to hear around adults.  I do appreciate yes ma'm and yes sir, for example. “

“We expect our daughters to be respectful….”

“There is a huge problem in the world today because children aren’t taught respect.”

We are a culture consumed with being "respected".




1.     a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


What IS “respect”?

Is it in a “yes ma’am”?

 A “yes sir”?

 Is it in a “please”?

 A “thank you”?

 Or is it a feeling?

 Is it represented by that child who is too scared to interrupt his mother while she speaks to another adult?

 Is THAT “respect”?

 Or is that just fear?

You can’t “teach” respect.

Respect does not come in the form of a word.

It can’t be demanded or expected, especially when it comes to children.


You can force your children to say yes ma’am, yes sir, and the like…..and call it respect.

You can threaten your children into compliance…..and call it respect.

You can instill so much fear into your children that they jump when you say jump….and call it respect.

You can force the superfluous words like please and thank you, etc….and call it respect.

But it’s not respect.




Respect is a deep feeling of admiration for someone, and children can’t admire you if they fear you.

You can’t teach respect.

But you CAN model it.

You can say please

and thank you

and listen

and empathize

and love unconditionally

and offer grace.

You can give respect and you will get it back tenfold from your children.

You can model respect toward others and your children will learn to be respectful.

Want your children to respect you and others??

Be admirable.


~ Ashley

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