Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a research-based therapy designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement.

The SSP auditory intervention calms the physiological and emotional state, allowing for improved communication and more successful therapy.

  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Auditory sensitivities
  • Anxiety and trauma
  • Inattention
  • Stressors that impact social engagement
  • Insomnia

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Treatment for ADULTS - $500

Includes 1 month SSP subscription, and the following:

Assessment & Preparation
In our initial interview I will assess the suitability of the SSP remote delivery for you, and prepare you for our work. If we determine that remote SSP delivery is not suitable, we will discuss alternatives for you. After the initial assessment I will provide you with information and tools to support your SSP remote sessions from the comfort of your home.

SSP Session
During this session, I will be with you to provide support during your first SSP treatment. Together we will notice your physical and emotional responses, and give your nervous system cues of safety and capability as your body replaces old memories of threat with new experiences of safety. Then we will use this information to create a tool box for you on how to recognize and respond to these signals in ways that continues to support your nervous system and reconsilidate your memories.

SSP Remote Listening
After your SSP session with me, you will use the SSP for 9 sessions on your own, applying the information and tools we created for you during our Preparation and SSP Sessions together. You will use the app to access the listening and record your progress, while I track your progress online.

Follow Up Session
While many people have an immediate response to the SSP treatment, the effects also build over time, especially during the first 4-6 weeks. The follow-up session allows you to ask more questions about what you experienced, and to discuss with me what kinds of activities and therapies will continue to support your system. You can schedule additional sessions with me during your remote listening (and anytime) for an additional fee.

The Safe & Sound Protocol treatment helps you to be more receptive to additional healing modalities, such as psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing therapy, body therapies, singing or engaging in music, and more.

Possible Positive Outcomes

  • Less noise sensitivity (including eating noises)
  • More spontaneous
  • Better sleep
  • Greater focus
  • More likely to reach out for physical touch and comfort
  • Ability to relax and just be
  • Greater tolerance for conversations with others
  • Greater tolerance for emotional vulnerability
  • Increased desire for intimacy
  • Better able to recognize state changes in the body and respond in helpful ways

email: amy@wildchildcounseling.com

After completing the SSP treatment with me, you can sign up for additional 1-month SSP subscriptions for $100. This allows you to return to the healing process as needed. You can also sign up for more sessions with me as needed.

What kinds of changes might notice?

  • More eye contact
  • Increased singing and laughter
  • Better sleep
  • Greater awareness of hunger and satiety
  • Greater attention
  • More likely to seek physical touch and comfort
  • Greater emotional regulation
  • Less dependence on proprioception for self regulation (jumping on furniture, shoving into others, banging body against things, flopping around without body awareness)
  • More likely to express feelings
  • Better able to engage in play with others
  • Greater emotional tolerance
  • Less audio sensitivity