Yes, this is me!
Yes, this is me!

Paddleboard therapy combines  mindfulness, self-awareness, and the natural world to help people struggling with

  • anxiety & depression
  • insomnia & stress
  • chronic pain & fatigue
  • grief & trauma
  • self-efficacy & self-esteem

Come join us!

All levels of experience are welcome.

$100 bring your own board & life jacket!
    Need a board & life jacket? + $35
    (max weight 260 lbs)    

Locations: Stone Mountain Lake and Lake Lanier (Parking pass needed at Stone Mtn)

Due to my own heat intolerance, next sessions coming this September!


I am fully vaccinated and boosted. Social distancing is encouraged for anyone who is not vaccinated. Please reschedule if you show any signs of illness (see CDC Guidelines). 

Why Choose Paddleboard Therapy?

Paddleboard therapy gets you out of your daily routine and can help you learn to recognize and respond to your own needs with more self-compassion.

Join us for any (or all) of these reasons:

  • fun & adventure
  • receive support
  • connect with others
  • reduce stress
  • improve sleep
  • increase self-compassion
  • challenge yourself or learn a new skill

Safety is an important piece of the therapeutic experience, so you will need to wear a life jacket and be able to swim.


Waivers will be provided.

All levels of experience are welcome!

What can I expect?

These small group paddleboard sessions are designed to meet you right where you are, both physically and emotionally. There is no requirement to stand on the board. Ever. Whether this is your first time or 117th time on the water. I will teach you how to get on the board, and I will support your experience. 

There are many factors that influence what you need in any given moment, from your quality of sleep and workload, to your relationships with others and current experience with pain or fatigue. As you get in your car to join us you might have one need, and you may arrive with another need altogether. Our goal on the water is to learn to notice what you need, because when you are able to notice your shifting needs, you are then better able to meet those needs with self-compassion. And the more often you meet your own needs, the fewer times you hit the proverbial wall of exhaustion, overwhelm, increased pain and fatigue, and other indicators that your stress is too great.

Most of us don't know what we need, so we'll stay curious and find out together. 

Here are some goals people have...the creative possibilities are endless:

  • showing up at the lake
  • getting on the paddleboard
  • being in community with others
  • paddling while sitting
  • kneeling on the board
  • standing up on the board
  • being willing to adjust expectations
  • accepting limitations or pushing the limits
  • trying and staying with something that feels uncomfortable
  • gaining new skills...and sometimes falling in
  • accepting what the body can or cannot do at any given time
  • trying something new on the board
  • laughing, telling a joke, or sitting in quiet contemplation

The goal is not to stand or become a proficient paddleboarder, it is to learn to listen to and trust your nurture your innate wisdom and attend to yourself. And to have fun. 

I will support, guide, and trust you, all at the same time.