Our obsession with SMART

Sometimes I find myself exclaiming, “you’re so smart!” when my daughter figures out the number of probable raisins based on the raisins in her cookie (think: word problem, only real-life cookies in your hand). And she just recently began to pull herself up onto the top of a swing, and I exclaimed, “you’re so strong!” Of […]

Self-Care for Busy Parents: Self-Compassion

Tired? I don’t want to make any assumptions, but based on my personal and professional experience you may relate to one or more of the following scenarios of what it feels like to be utterly exhausted at the end of the day: It’s all you can do to shower or brush the film off your teeth before falling into bed […]

Wired to Connect: Discipline Shouldn’t Hurt

Guest post by Rebecca Eanes Are we being too soft on our kids? Too easy on them? During my 6 years of moderating a parenting page on Facebook, I’ve seen many comments aligned with the view that being soft is bad parenting. There is a prevailing idea that we must be hard on kids if […]

Peaceful Parenting and Your Future Teen

guest post by Sheena Hill I’m a diehard Peaceful Parenting (PP) parent and advocate. I teach about respectful parenting and have consistently practiced what I preach for well over a decade. I’ve raised my kids with PP from day one and, as my oldest enters the teen years, I can look back on those choices […]

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence Through Children’s Literature

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Why is it Important? EI is the ability to understand your emotions, listen to and empathize with others, and express emotions productively. When we have EI we know our feelings, have a sense of empathy, and manage and heal our own emotions. Basically, EI allows us to use our emotions to improve […]

Of Astronomers and Astronauts: How to Empower Your Teens

Guest Post by Dave Soleil   Teenagers. The wonderfully smart, independent, contrary, complex, emotional, and social people that live in your house and eat all your food. How can you empower them? Will they even listen to you? How can you build a supportive relationship with them? I have taught leadership for young people for […]

Reducing Anxiety in Children

guest post by Jane Evans Babies are all about survival Babies are not born with fully developed brains or their heads would be too big to travel down the birthing channel. They arrive in this world wired for survival yet, at the same time, unable to physically ensure their survival as they can’t move away […]