Online Services


Parent Coaching

Sign up for parent coaching sessions that aim to help you understand your child’s behaviors. You will develop the skills you need to respond to your child in ways that build your relationship and your child’s life skills at the same time.


Group Parent Coaching

A 4-week group to help you find solutions to everyday challenges (hitting, mealtimes, etc.). Learn to support yourself and respond to and guide your children in ways that focus on solutions and nurture your parent-child relationship.

Self-Care Group

This 4-week group will help you discover what YOU need to live in the world in ways that are aligned with your values. Join with other parents in this closed Facebook group to discuss the eWorkbook and develop your own mindful self-care plan.







Anger Expression

Do you struggle to express your angry feelings before you boil over into aggressive and destructive behavior? Learn how to express your anger in assertive and productive ways through tailored and thought-provoking lessons and activities.


Mindful Self-Care for Moms

Come fill your cup back up one moment at a time while learning strategies to create more balance and bring more joy into your everyday life. Join the Atlanta group or the online group for 6 weekly meetings to fill your cup back up!

Mindful Self-Care eWorkbook

Are you physically and emotionally tired? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed as a parent, and wish you could enjoy parenting more? In this eWorkbook you’ll learn how mindful self-care can bring more enjoyment into your everyday life.

NoSpank Challenge

An annual event to support and teaches skills that help parents connect with their kids and teach them life skills with spanking, yelling or other punitive measures. Plus, learn how to manage your own emotions while helping your kid manage theirs.

Transforming Bedtime Challenges

Discover how to transform your frustration with bedtime challenges into an enjoyable time of connection and building your child’s life skills.. This is a 40-minute recorded video webinar, and includes a Q&A and PDF download.


Positive Discipline Everyday

This 4-part webinar includes free PDF downloads to help you develop long-term goals, understand how children think and feel, and learn how to focus on problem solving around bedtime, tantrums and listening.