5-Second Calming Technique

Guest post by Patricia Hope
You know when you’re all in a panic and you can’t think straight? That’s because when you’re stressed your blood leaves your forebrain (that’s the bit that does the thinking). It leaves the thinking brain to go to the primitive brain (the amygdala) to get ready for your fight, flight or freeze.So do this 5 second simple calming technique and you’ll be able to find a solution to whatever problem you were having.

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You’ve probably found yourself doing this automatically. Now you know that there’s science behind it, you may want to leave your hand there for longer until you’ve calmed.

If you want more help to become a calm parent I’ve created this free e-course especially for you. It will help you become calm in the moment and give you easy tools and strategies to lead a calmer life.
Patricia Hope, of Empowering Childhood, was a struggling single mum and however hard she tried, found herself yelling and spanking. Years of study and self development have now enabled her to empower other parents with easy and effective strategies to calm a stressful moment and long term solutions for a peaceful family life. Learn more about becoming a calm parent visit her Website: www.EmpoweringChildhood.co.uk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EmpoweringChildhood Website www.Towards-Happiness.com
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