How to Really Release Anger

Guest post by Patricia Hope
Have you noticed that you display anger more often when you’re feeling stressed? You may have had a broken night’s sleep, the children may be jumping around and making a noise or you’re worried about a bill that’s bigger than you expected. If your parents never allowed you to express anger when you were a child it will all be stuffed down inside you ready to burst out when you’re feeling stressed.This little exercise is a great way to release anger safely. Doing this every day will, over time, release the anger that’s stored in your body. The video is 2 minutes long so the routine takes seconds to do.
Click HERE to watch the video

Just imagine…next time you’re feeling stressed and about to blow, you remember this little routine. You stop mid sentence and do it. Won’t your children be surprised! They’ll probably love to join in.

If you want more help to become a calm parent I’ve created this free e-course especially for you. It will help you become calm in the moment and give you easy tools and strategies to lead a calmer life.

Patricia Hope, of Empowering Childhood, was a struggling single mum and however hard she tried, found herself yelling and spanking. Years of study and self development have now enabled her to empower other parents with easy and effective strategies to calm a stressful moment and long term solutions for a peaceful family life. Learn more about becoming a calm parent visit her Website:  Facebook  Website

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