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Sparkle Stories Audio Advent CalendarI am continuously aware of ways I want to live more intentionally, both as an individual and with my family. And in the same ways I sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to empathize with my daughter in intentional ways, I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed trying to create intentional holiday traditions that support our family’s sense of connection and fun.

I recently spoke with the creators of Sparkle Stories  about their latest venture: the Martin & Sylvia Audio Advent Calendar. Here’s their description:

“In the Martin & Sylvia Audio Advent Calendar you are invited to follow the magical days of Advent with Martin & Sylvia. Each day in December you’ll listen to a new story  of adventure and discovery with Martin and Sylvia.  This audiobook includes one long introductory story and 24 daily audio stories, from December 1st to the 25th.”

You can listen to a sample of the Martin and Sylvia audio stories by clicking here.

I also asked them about the religious nature of Advent, and how that might look in the Martin & Sylvia Audio Advent Calendar. I was not surprised by their answer, as this has been our experience with the Martin & Sylvia series over the past year (I feel like our families are kindred spirits).

Martin and Sylvia’s family is reverent but not religious.  They have a deep sense of holiness and grace that manifests in a rich festival life.  They follow the basic precepts of advent – which are being patient and watchful.  They honor the natural world and the goodness in others.  Christmas in Martin and Sylvia’s home is thoughtful, heartfelt and magical.  That being said, “Advent” is a Christian holiday.  The family gets a Christmas tree, they have an Advent nature table, they sing carols, they attend a Christmas play, and there is a reference to Momma singing in Handel’s Messiah. We want this calendar to be inclusive to anyone who celebrates Advent, as well as those are open to the festival as a way of honoring a very magical time of year.”

I’ve already experienced changes in our intentional living choices from listening to these gentle stories, and I look forward to gleaning some more ideas from the advent calendar as well. My daughter and I listened to the first 24-minute story already and we’re looking forward to listening to the series as we head into the holiday season and toward the end of the year. If you’d like a chance to enter to win this series for your family you can enter below. Or you can purchase it now by clicking here.

Thank you everyone who entered to win.
The winner was chosen and notified 11/27/13

You can purchase the advent calendar now by clicking here.

Enter as many or as few time as you want – you decide!
Giveaway begins Saturday, November 23 – Tuesday, November 26.
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29 thoughts on “Audio Advent Calendar Giveaway”

  1. We’d LOVE to win this because we adore Sparkle Stories and especially Martin and Sylvia. So beautiful and simple.

  2. I love sparkle stories! We do a countdown to the new year, with special stops at each major holiday (we celebrate a lot of them). I know we’d enjoy counting down with martin and Sylvia 🙂

  3. Hi! We would love to win….we are hoping to hear them as my kids LOVE Martin and Sylvia! We also submitted artwork and are hoping to see it!

  4. We were introduced to sparkle stories through play at home mom. We absolutely love them! They are a part of our family’s daily activities, as my four-year-old listens to them while I put the baby to sleep in the afternoon. We can’t wait to make the advent calendar part of our holiday tradition! Many thanks for this giveaway!

  5. we love martin & sylvia! the advent series of stories would be a perfect addition to our holiday traditions!

  6. We love sparkle stories and love the idea of an advent calendar set of stories. How magical, it would be an awesome addition to our plans for advent! Thanks

  7. My son loves Sparkle Stories, and so do we! It is important I think to find things that the whole family can enjoy together. It really helps everyone feel good.

  8. Love Sparkle Stories, in particular Martin and Sylvia. They’ve become “friends” of ours and listening to them would be a warm tradition during our advent activity time.

  9. I would love to have this advent calender for my foster sons first actual Christmas! He has never got to truly experience Christmas and this would be a wonderful way of showing him how incredibly magical it is. As well as he isn’t quite grasping what it is about and I think an audible countdown with a story like this would be perfect for him!

  10. We love Sparkle Stories and would love to add a new tradition to our not entirely conventional winter celebrations.

  11. We have had a sparkle stories subscription for two years and would love an advent calendar! What a fun idea!

  12. We LOVE Sparkle Stories and have been listing to Martin and Sylvia stories for almost 3 years now. This would be exactly what we need to complete our MS collection 🙂

  13. My little one gets a sparkle story every day before nap! Having more stories to choose from would be wonderful!

  14. Our family loves Sparkle Stories and we would love the spend the holidays with them via the calendar!

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