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Welcome everyone! Join our discussion with Megan Barella of Parenting for the Next Generation as we talk about our most important parenting tool: Connection. We talked about the daily stress most of us face as parents, what goes on in the brain during our stressful moments, and how we can stay connected to ourselves & children, even when life gets hard. Listen in and take home practical tools to help you connect to what’s most important, so you can love yourself, love your family, & love your life.

Listen for…

  • The brain science behind behavior – our children’s and our own
  • Disconnect & Stress: What is exactly going on in the brain?
  • 2 tools to reconnect with ourselves so we don’t lose our cool
  • 3+ tools to reconnect with ourselves after we lose our cool
  • Tools for how we can stay connected to ourselves in everyday parenting moments.

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_DSC0141Megan Barella of Parenting for the Next Generation has a B.A. in secondary education, graduate work in conflict resolution, and professional experience in youth development, early childhood education, non-profit management, and nutrition. She brings her experience with children from toddler through the high school years to her parenting support practice. Her dream is to see us parent to our highest potential, so our children grow up with a strong foundation to make our world a better place. When she is not working with parents, she loves to make nature art with her son and their friends, hike in both the Adirondacks & Oregon woods, write poetry at her Mama Megan blog, dance, go yard sale-ing, cook for people, and do transformative photo shoots for her blog.

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