Navigating Emotions in Parenthood: Free Webinar Discussion

Earlier this month we welcomed Amy Phoenix of Presence Parenting, to discuss navigating our own emotions in parenting. We learned about

  • Navigating emotions as a unique, personal experience
  • Making amends for our mistakes with the “4 R’s of Recovery”
  • 3 Aspects of Emotions
  • Recognizing when we need help and knowing what is available
  • Community Questions:
    My anger comes on so fast. Where do I start?
    How do I manage special time with my three 10-year old boys?

Current Offerings from Amy Phoenix of Presence Parenting

Navigating Emotions for Parents Ebook
 is a collection of in-the-moment mindfulness exercises to stop and change what we do when we feel upset (and I continue to use them myself to reroute force into truth, trust and love). Each exercise is only a page or two long and you can read one then practice it for a week or so and make it your own. By the end of the book you’ll have twenty useful tools to help you navigate the emotional waters of parenting.

Choosing Presence (aka Sane Parenting Challenge) is a six week written and audio journey to change the way you respond when parenting feels intense. Each weekly exercise offers a practical microskill to help you transform reactivity and choose how the message of your love comes through.
Meditation for Children and Families – Meditation helps nurture innate abilities while exploring problem solving, focus, centering and using the power of the mind to direct our bodies and lives. Classes are facilitated via phone, video conferencing and in person.
Private Sessions with Amy Phoenix – Learn and practice vital skills to navigate emotions, become clear about discipline and share helpful tools with your family through one-on-one sessions via phone, email, video conferencing or in person (in mid-Michigan).

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