Supporting Children Through Divorce: Free Webinar


Every parent and child needs support as they go through the divorce process. If you’re looking for ways to support yourself, your children, or other people in your life who are going through a divorce you’ll want to check out our webinar discussion with Kristen Volk of Parenting by Connection.

You’ll learn…

  • How a child experiences divorce.
  • Specific challenges for children experiencing divorce.
  • Tools to help us support children through divorce.
  • Tools to help parents who are separating or divorced.
  • Why connection matters.
Listen for these key points:

  • 3 Areas of Hurt for Children
  • How the limbic brain affects our own behavior, our children’s behavior, and our relationship with our children.
  • How to increase our own capacity to be more present, patient and playful.
  • How to support our children in being able to access the love, good will, and care we have for them.
  • 4 Ways to Help Our Children

Current Offerings from Kristen Volk
of Parenting by Connection Parenting

  • Consultations
    One on one parenting consultations with Kristen Volk
  • Success in School Support Program
    Have a connected entry into the school year with your children while you fill your own reserves to keep your family close. This effective program provides you with support and insights for a full three months.​
  • Building Emotional Understanding Online class begins Tuesda, October 14, 2014 at 10:30a Pacific Denver based in-person classes, including the “Building Emotional Understanding class.

Find Kristen Volk online and on Social Media

  • Website: Click HERE
  • FB:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-303-994-9011

Hand In Hand Parenting has articles, free teleseminars, blog posts with parents writing success stories about how they use these tools and the 100s of kinds of problems they’ve solved by connecting with their children. They have amazing booklets describing the tools Kristen discussed, self-guided video classes and also their primary parenting tools class is called Building Emotional Understanding. Check it all out at It’s an amazing resource for parents.  ArticleHelping Children Through Divorce


Kristen discovered Parenting by Connection after searching for a parenting approach that would support healing in her family after multiple incidences of trauma in short period of time.  She found this approach not only prompted healing but also provided solutions for every day family challenges.  With the support of the Listening Tools, Kristen quickly became an empowered parent leading a transformation in her own family.  Her family’s success inspired her to leave her 20 year executive career in Denver to become a Certified Instructor of Parenting by Connection.

Kristen says, “I really enjoy empowering other parents in understanding how our children communicate non-verbally and through their behaviors.  I used to be plagued with thoughts like ‘What in the world do I do with this uncooperative, controlling, crazy, %!#*%#! behavior?’ Responding with punishment, control, a lecture or even saintly patience either left me exhausted or escalated into a power struggle.  But I know that when I keep myself resourced and I focus on connection, the ultimate outcome is a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my children.  My confidence in my parenting has really grown and nothing feels too big for me to handle anymore.  And, we are all enjoying more laughter, play and joy in our lives.”

Kristen is passionate about teaching classes, giving talks, leading support groups, and providing one-on-one consultations.  She gives many presentations and classes in her hometown of Denver.  Her interests include finding creative solutions for challenging behaviors (from difficulty with brushing teeth and separation to nail-biting, sibling rivalry, nightmares, aggression, homework and more).  She also has special interests in and experience with divorce, child and adult trauma.

You can find Kristen via her Website and on Facebook


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