Conscious Parenting Workshop Giveaway!

The giveaway is over, but you can still join Lori Petro’s workshop on Conscious Communication. See details below.

Conscious Parent Workshop

Every day we receive numerous emails, messages and posts asking for help resolving the challenges parents experience with their children, and the majority of these issues revolve around communication –  “Why won’t they listen? Why is she hitting? Why is he lying?” Our children communicate with us through their behavior, and our job is to understand what they’re telling us and find ways to communicate back to them in healthy ways to help guide them and resolve the miscommunications.

Today I’m REALLY excited to offer our community 2 seats to a flexible, online Conscious Parenting workshop on communication led by Lori Petro of TEACH Through Love.

If any of this sounds familiar…

  • I would really like to say something ONCE instead of 3 or 4 times!
  • It seems like my child has that special knack for unleashing my inner critic.
  • No matter what I say, nor how kindly I say it – my requests go unheard or it turns into an argument.
  • I believe I could learn more about myself and how I interact with my kids.
  • I worry that I might be causing exactly what I FEAR most and I need to change something fast!
  • Sometimes, I feel like I can be too reactive, demeaning, or harsh with my child.
  • I wish I could break the negative cycle of yelling, nagging and arguing and discipline without feeling frustrated, exhausted or guilty.

…then this workshop can help you change these patterns.

Lori is going to show you exactly HOW to:

  1. become aware of your unconscious communication patterns
  2. notice how those patterns of cause-and-effect play out in your relationships

She has a framework for creating the kind of connection and consideration with your kids that you really want by discovering how to be more mindful, aware, and responsible for your words and actions.

The workshop begins December 2nd, and attendees will receive two weekly video lessons  via email (approximately 1hr each) PLUS the audio MP3 recordings to download. We will ALSO meet in our virtual classroom every other week for live support and practice in our Group Q&A Calls.

Video Lessons Arrive: Mondays – Dec 2nd, 9th & 16th
Support & Practice LIVE Calls: Tuesdays – December 3rd & 17th  @8pm ET + Wednesday JAN 8th & 22nd @2pm ET (ALL calls recorded for your convenience).

To learn more about the online workshop CLICK HERE.

To buy the workshop now CLICK HERE .

How to win…

Enter as many or as few times as you’d like – YOU decide!

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Giveaway is November 14 – 16, 2013.
Winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter and notified within 48-hours.

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8 thoughts on “Conscious Parenting Workshop Giveaway!”

  1. I definitely could use this workshop, Here’s hoping I win… or find the money to register anyways

  2. I would love to win this workshop to dive into the world of gentle parenting. I would love to use the tools I learn on my 4 & 3 year old and 4 month old (well, when he gets older). I too feel I am too harsh sometimes with my children. Most of the time I’m trying to put my gentle parenting tools to use (talking things out is the only thing I’ve learned so far) but sometimes I’m so exhausted that I get snippy and cold. I also would love to learn how to only say something 1 time and to get a response from my children! 🙂 Thanks! -Brooke

  3. I am a mother of one 4 year old boy. He is independent, stubborn and a little temperamental like his Momma! 🙂 I would love to be able to talk and listen to him better. I had a very difficult relationship with my own mother and I am determined to be better for my son!

  4. I realized recently as we are preparing for the holidays that I don’t want to spend the holidays with my family. Actually that part wasn’t new information. What was new was realizing that my kids, a very spirited 5 year old boy and a very sleepy newborn girl, won’t want to spend the holidays with me when they grow up either if things don’t change around here. We have been implementing some gentle techniques recently and they are helping. I am hungry for more and hope to win this class. Thank you so much.

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