Thinkific Workshops

Discussion with Dr. Mona Delahooke, Greg Santucci, Lori Petro, Amy Phoenix, and more on supporting autonomy, rethinking teen conflict, etc.

Free - $12

Setting Limits & Being Heard

A 12-minute webinar to help you understand 6 elements of setting limits that help you get heard, and leave everyone feeling less frustrated and more connected.


Bedtime Challenges

A 40-minute webinar to help you transform the bedtime routine by understanding and meeting the underlying needs for connection.
(PDF included)


YouTube Webinars

Visit Amy's YouTube channel for more free learning sessions on peaceful parenting, mindfulness and self-care.


Positive Discipline & Toddlers

Got a toddler? Learn how to work toward your long-term parenting goals during everyday moments, from getting dressed to getting out the door.


How to Prevent a Tantrum

Do your children fall apart after school or at bedtime? Watch this 40-minute webinar to on WHY children meltdown and learn what you can do about it.