When all our children hear from us is “Don’t do that… Be careful… Don’t go in there… Get off that, Stop…” they get the message they can’t do anything right. And eventually they give up trying. Eventually they think they’re worthless.

Similarly, when we hyper-focus on all the things they do that make us crAzy, it’s all we can see, and eventually we no longer see our children’s goodness.

nose picking

It’s time for a gratitude reset. When you’re stuck in the negative, stop and list 5 things you’re grateful for within that very thing that’s making you crazy. For example…

“Ok, my kid is picking her nose AGAIN! I’m grateful she has a nose, …she has all 10 fingers, …she no longer needs me to clean her nose, …I can no longer see that booger hanging out, …she won’t have her finger in there much longer.”


The only thing we can truly work on is ourselves.

And often the most helpful change we can make is our point of view.

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