Spilling Dreams

I’m not kidding when I say My kid spills her drink at every single meal, every single day. And in between meals too. Seriously.

spilled juice


Because she is a dreamer through and through. It is who she is. It is her essence. Whatever else she may be doing, she is also dreaming.  It is why she does not wander alone aimlessly through the woods with steep cliffs. It is why she does not climb to great heights without a spotter. It is why she spills almost every drink throughout the day. She is a dreamer.

For sanity’s sake I’ve thought about having her use a travel cup, the kind we take with us when we go to museums and zoos and other places. But that wouldn’t really help her build skills. And it wouldn’t build her confidence either.

So every day I get my expectations in line with reality. And every day she carefully sets her cup at a safe distance from her elbow and hand with great intention. And then she begins to dreams her dreams…and life happens.

She is a dreamer. And every day I wait with great anticipation to see what dreams she will share with me next.


children dream

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