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As many of you know, we LOVE to promote small businesses that are in line with our philosophy of gentle parenting, self-care, gratitude and family wellness. And today I’m excited to tell you about our newest giveaway from SoulKu. They’ve generously donated 3 items for us to give to our community – YES! I can’t describe the company any better than they do in their bios:


SoulKu is the “Be the Change” brainchild of Allison Blake and Elisa Van Arnam: two book club friends, wives and mommies.  It is our mission to help people connect on a deeper level. Each product is created to bridge the gap between wanting to say/do something kind and actually doing it. We believe it is one of the most important things we can do as humans and we know there are immeasurable rewards in giving, inspiring and experiencing connection. SoulKu also places high value on supporting non-profit organizations who seek to make a difference in the world. Each of SoulKu’s products honor a specific individual charity and gives 10% of their profits for that cause.

The word “Ku” in Japanese translates to “a place of infinite possibility.” We like to think of our company as just that, “A place where, guided by our soul’s calling, anything is possible.” Our products reflect that idea and are meant to inspire deeper connection and action in others. Both Allison and Elisa live and create in Asheville, North Carolina, with their husbands and children and various furry friends.
Definitely the type of locally run business we love to promote!


On a personal note, I played basketball with Allison many, many moons ago (8th grade – oh, if I only had pictures).  She was not only a talented basketball player (read: STAR), she was also a natural leader and always full of hope and encouragement. I was pleased and not at all surprised to see her carry the essence of who she is into a successful business practice!
Stone Remedy in Amethyst

Doc Ku’s Soul Good Stone Remedy in Amethyst was created to bring the incredible healing energies of gem stones to you in a beautiful, fun and funky way. Amethyst is an incredible healing stone that boosts inner strength, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing and activates protection. Perfect for someone who would like to activate a healing process or who is in the midst of healing. Also wonderful for someone who is looking to build self-esteem, self-love or confidence. Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used since ancient times for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Alternative healers all over the world use gemstones today. 10% of profits from Doc Ku’s Soul Good Stone Remedy go to Habitat for Humanity.

Soul Full of Light Azure Blue Necklace

The Soul Full of Light Azure Blue Necklace crystal carries the energy of calm, inspiration, and spirituality. The perfect combination card AND gift! Each Soul-Full of Light necklace is hand made on a nylon cord, with silver plated hardware and a colorful briolette crystal that has been intentionally chosen and imbued with light and love. Turn the card over and the recipient will be touched and inspired by the personal keepsake message of connection and appreciation. 10% of Soul-Full of Light necklace profits go to Women for Women International, whose mission is to support women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.

Soul Essential Lotion Peace Candle

SoulKu’s Soul Essential Lotion Peace Candle is two amazing products in one. First the soy based candle delivers a variety of delicious scents to your space. The ambiance of our scented candles is simple and classy. Second, as the wax melts, you create an incredible warm, nourishing lotion for your skin, that can be spread all over your body. Peace – A proprietary blend of Lavender and other calming essential oils. SoulKu’s Soul Essential Lotion Candles are made with cosmetic grade soy, grape seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E and a variety of essential oils and are 100% skin safe. Spread the Peace.


So, whether you’re hoping to win one of these gifts for yourself or for someone else, we know you’ll love these items from SoulKu!


 Enter as many or as few time as you want – you decide!
Giveaway begins Wednesday, December 11 – Saturday, December 14, 2013
Giveaway limited to residents of US & Canada (sorry!)

Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

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  1. Thank you for having sustainable gift ideas. All three look great and I’ll be looking at the rest of your products on your site shortly. I think my favorite so far is the Peace candle.

  2. I love your message and purpose! I look forward to seeing who wins! I’ll be looking at your product in the meantime. Thank for making the world a better place.

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